¿Por qué el vino Furmint es tan aclamado?

Reasons why you should buy Furmint wine

When you want to impress your family or loved ones at a gathering, one of the best options is buy wine furmint. This is because this grape, also known as Tokaj, hárslevelű, sárgamuskotály and zéta, allows us to make a wide variety of wines, whether they are white, red, dry or sweet wines. In addition, it stands out for having high levels of acidity, abundant aromatic potential and incredible aging capacity.

The name of this grape variety comes from the French language, since its yellow color reminded the appearance of wheat. This grape is native to Hungary and has been widely praised by experts for its unique qualities. It should be noted that Furmit wine offers us multiple aromas, depending on its preparation. For example, in dry wines it usually has a citric aroma, closely related to that of the apple. While the so-called Tokaji has a sweeter smell, oriented to honey, dried apricots and peach, varying to nuts such as pineapple. As for its flavor, it usually leaves a fresh and powerful sensation, because it has a high alcoholic content.

Where to buy Furmit wine?

All these qualities make wine made from Furmit grapes a unique experience for the senses that any wine lover should try. This variety of wine is rare and difficult to find in grocery stores or supermarkets. To taste it you must go to specialized stores or wineries such as BlancoTinto, where you can buy it online.

Beyond buying an exclusive wine that attracts the attention of guests, wines made with Furmint grapes will allow you to conquer everyone’s palate, because it has a flavor that adapts to the most exquisite tastes. That is why at Blanco Tinto we offer you different types of wines, so you can choose the one that suits your tastes.

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