Mas Martinet Pesseroles Brisat 2017


The best brisado wine in Catalonia!

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Mas Martinet Viticultors is synonymous with a winery that produces wines of the highest quality. Sara Pérez, who runs the family winery, has been experimenting for some time with a white wine to match her famous reds.

In 2002, a plot of land near the Pesseroles road was planted with white grape varieties that were grown in the area: Grenache Blanc, Picapoll Blanc, Pedro Ximénez… When the vineyard begins to bear fruit, Sara begins to experiment… for 8 years! Until it achieves the quality and style of wine ready for the market.

2017 marks the second vintage marketed of this Pesseroles Brisat, which pays homage to the traditional style of Brisat wines from all over Catalonia, making wines from white grapes as if they were reds.

We could say that it is a plot wine, located in the area of Falset (Tarragona), and attached to the D.O.Ca. Priorat. The organic farming, the licorella (slate) crumbled soils with calcareous subsoil, and its special vinification, can only give this magnificent result.

Winemaking notes: fermentation with skins for 1.5 months, then resting without capping for 3 months. After pressing, the wine is transferred to a glazed decanter and demijohns for aging for 16 months. The 3 varieties are harvested together on the same day and produced together (field blend), in order of quantity and similar parts: Picapoll (38%), Garnacha Blanca (34%), Pedro Ximénez (28%).

The bottle is transparent, simulating the aging containers and the purity of the wine, while at the same time allowing us to enjoy its beautiful amber color.

Mas Martinet Pesseroles Brisat 2017 is a wine of very limited production as only 358 bottles were produced, less than its first vintage!

It has been awarded as the best wine of Catalonia as well as the best white wine in the “Guia de vins de Catalunya 2021”.









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