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The history of the Canarian wines of Llanos Negros

The Canarian wines from Llanos Negros have their origin on the Isla de la Palma, specifically in Fuencaliente de La Palma. There, on a piece of land with a 10% unevenness, there are eleven hectares between 300 and 400 meters above sea level, oriented to the southwest. In the entire extension of this vineyard, there are 54 smallholdings of approximately 2000 square meters each.

In this land of Canarian vineyards, working the land is practically unnecessary, since weeds do not grow on land covered with volcanic ash. That is why the entire farming system on these lands is done by hand, thus helping to preserve the ecosystem and manipulating the land on this land to a lesser extent.

The great characteristic of these vineyards are the generations that have passed through them, maintaining the pre-phylloxera varieties that are over 60 years old. After generations, the production of these Canarian wines has been maintained over time thanks to the hard work and perseverance of lovers of ancestral viticulture.

Canarian wines from Llanos Negros that you can find in our store

At BlancoTinto you can find 13 Canarian wines of different types and varieties, all grown and made from the vineyards of Fuencaliente de La Palma.

Among the types of Canarian wines that we have from the Llanos Negros wineries in our store, white wines stand out by volume, although you can also find reds, brisados and sweets.

White Canarian wines

Among the white wines of Bodegas Llanos Negros, we can find the famous La Tablada grown in the vineyard of the same name. From this come the grape varieties that are practically extinct in the Canary Islands: Gual and Sabro.

Another benchmark white wine from La Palma is La Batista, made with aromatic Malvasia. A perfumed and very attractive wine that is difficult to resist, especially if we accompany it with fish and seafood dishes!

Singularis 2020 is a unique wine, which is the result of an experiment by Carlos Lozano to produce an aromatic Malvasía with maceration with skins and aging in stainless steel. In this case, only 533 bottles of this unrepeatable wine were obtained.

Red Canarian wines

Among the reds, the Mission’s Grapes Listán Prieto wine stands out, which, as its name suggests, are made with the Listán Prieto grape variety. Although the names are similar, it is important not to confuse it with the Listán Negro variety, as they are not even close varieties.

This variety specifically has many names depending on the place where it is being spoken. For example, in other areas of the Canary Islands it is known as Moscatel Negro. Outside of Spain it also has other names: In the United States it is known as Mission Grape, in Chile as Uva País and in Argentina as Uva Criolla.

You can also find among our red Canarian wines, Los Grillos of the Negramoll variety. This is very special, as it is made from grapes collected on the slopes of the old Teneguía volcano.

Discover all the types and varieties of Canarian wines that we offer from the Llanos Negros winery. You will discover new breezy and sweet wines that we have not mentioned in this post and that are also worth it.

Do not hesitate for a second longer, if we have convinced you or you have any questions about the Canarian wines that we offer on our website, you just have to contact us and we will answer any questions that may arise.

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