Ama Brewery Bi Lemongrass Pet-Nat Tea (Kombucha)

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Premium Kombucha fermented with Sri Lankan Lemongrass Tea

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Kombucha premium or pét-nat tea as Ama Brewery calls it, is a novel concept of a lightly sparkling beverage, low in alcohol content but full of flavor, resulting from the fermentation of carefully selected tea varieties and herbal infusions. BI is pleasant and refreshing.

BI Lemongrass is made from organically grown Sri Lankan Lemongrass tea from the Amba Nature Reserve in the hills above the Ravanna River. This organic tea garden grows a wild variety of indigenous lemongrass which is an herb, rather than a tea. Lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, is harvested by hand with a machete and dried in the sun to optimize the unique richness of the plant's essential oils.

The water used to make the tea comes from the Alzola spring, Izarraitz Massif, in the Basque Country.

Elaboration: Once in contact with the bacteria and yeast cultures, the infusions, prepared with spring water, begin to ferment. Both precision and balance are critical in the transformation of kombucha. These factors, together with continuous evolution and bottle aging, are what allow Ama to become its own distinctive being.

Aging: Ama sparkling tea is aged in bottle for six months. It will continue to improve over time and can be aged up to three years.

Tasting notes: Aromas predominantly of citrus and balsamic herbs. With a sweet touch, it is reminiscent of a lemon and mint candy. The palate displays notes of white flowers and spices such as ginger, juniper, kaffir lime, galangal (blue ginger) and white pepper. "Crunchy" texture with lively bubbles.

Food pairing: Versatile and adaptable. It goes very well with seafood, grilled fish and citrus or dairy-based desserts. It is also perfect for mixing refreshing cocktails.

When to drink: Ideal both as an aperitif and to accompany different types of cuisine or as an ingredient in original cocktails.

Best served at 9-11ºC in a white wine glass. Handle and open carefully to preserve the bubbles. The sediment (the small particles of lees resulting from fermentation) present in each bottle can be served or kept in the bottle.

Alcohol content 1.5%. 750 ml sparkling wine bottle, closure of crown cap.

A batch of 281 bottles of this BI was bottled on 11/16/2021, with a recommended consumption date before the end of 2024. But like wine, it evolves and ages in the bottle!

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